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Interview with the Bull.

Bull in the field of Norfolk

On my way back from Holkham beach I saw a Bull roaming in the field. Oh my... so majestic standing in a profile, but before I got out of the car he turned his back on me. So I shout at him: - Oi! To no avail. Alright, I thought, I guess I will have to Muuu. Maybe that will work. I looked around so there are no people nearby (40 years old man muuu-ing in the field wouldn't look sane) And I Muuu at him in my "almost perfect" Muuu language. And only then I realized there was more of them roaming the field. Probably a dozen young bulls. After my muuu they run to a big boy like asking permission of him can they go to see what I'm muuu-ing about. I muuu once more, and all of them run to me like I just said 'dinner is ready' in the fluent "Muuu" However, no big boy. He was just minding his own business far in the field. Ok, I thought, well at least I take photos of young boys. So me and the dozen in middle of the photo shoot, and there he is... 'big guy' decided to joint. Walks down the field slowly, slightly nodding his head to the left and to the right...

Oh boy, you are majestic...


We didn't have a chance to talk with Mr. Bull, youngster where unbearable.

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