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Hunstanton shipwreck wedding

Hunstanton beach - picturesque location for the wedding photography.

It is extraordinarily diverse beach: there is rocky stretch, cliffs, the beach front and Lighthouse. And lets not forget sandy Old Hunstanton sandy beach. So from one location you can have quite few different backgrounds.

And if you google Hunstanton beach wedding you will find quite few examples, but you wont find any with famous/infamous wreck of S.T Sheraton...

Well when I said infamous I meant for the wedding shoots, and this is the question always was bothering my. Why?

Brides worried not to ruin the dress?

Or no ideas of how to incorporate it to the scene?

Well if it is reason number two. There is one idea for the start:

Look at the picture and imagine you both holding hands, lying at the bottom of this shipwreck looking in the sky...

Would you dear to risk your dress?....

There You Go, Artistic Click of your Wedding!

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